Linux Mail Server, Calendaring and collaboration

100% private, highly available and scalable messaging

For Business

Manage your email, organize and share calendars, sync your mobile, all based on this secure Windows or Linux mail server. The perfect answer for businesses of all sizes.


For Service Provider

Offer your customers secure, business-level email hosting with various value added services. An excellent solution for SPs, suitable for hundreds to millions of users.



A collaborative Linux mail server that fits you

Axigen is quite knowledgeable-out of the many hats it wears,take a peek inside and choose what fits you.

Local & Remote Access
Calendaring & Collaboration
Push Email & Mobile Sync
Extensive Security Tool
SetHigh Availability & Clustering
Support You'll Love

Modern Web client

Regardless of time and location, stay up to date and in touch with co-workers, customers and partners by using Axigen and your smartphone or tablet of choice.

CalDAV  Protocol that allows clients to synchronize calendars

The CalDAV service runs on top of WebMail; this means that the licence requirements for accessing the CalDAV service are similar to those required to access WebMail. Some of the CalDAV features, such as using scheduling features (accepting meeting invites, inviting other users to a meeting, etc) are subject to the restriction of the Axigen license (e.g. for scheduling to work a premium user license with a groupware add-on is required).

Mobility & Sync

The ActiveSync® features built into the Axigen Mail Server product aim to provide data and option setting synchronization between the e-mail service and a user handset compatible with the ActiveSync® protocol. The ActiveSync® implementation built into the Axigen Mail Server is compatible with (and based on) the standards used by the Microsoft ® ActiveSync® technology

Axigen includes groupware services allowing network users to interact and work together by sharing folders, emails, calendars, tasks, etc. Complex permission hierarchies can be created to meet the specific collaboration and sharing needs of any organization.

Why Choose Us

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