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Secure messaging. Proven results. Established in 2001, Axigen focuses on the development and distribution of innovative messaging solutions.


Axigen is an all-in-one email, calendaring and collaboration platform, based on an innovative, proprietary technology, providing unmatched manageability for system administrators. Integrating all modules in a robust messaging solution, Axigen is developed for demanding users, from small businesses to large service providers.

Customer Service

It is our priority to provide high quality tech support to all our customers. That's why we have designed support plans to accommodate specific needs: from free basic support, available 24x7, to high-level support and managed services for companies functioning in mission-critical environments.

The responsiveness and efficiency of our support team have always been highly appreciated and are continuously monitored through customer survey programs

Sales & Support for is taken care in India by BUSINESS SOFTWARES & SOLUTIONS

Here is the details our Partner in India


We are a software consulting and distribution company , in Kolkata from 1999. Our expertise lies in Communication , Security , Network Management , Storage Solution , Cloud Solutions, Web Services and Consulting around Axigen Mail Server Installation , Implementation, Configuration & Maintenance.

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