Axigen Free Mail Server- A Great Alternative to Open Source

Are you planning to jump on the “open source software” bandwagon? Or contemplating the idea of switching from an open source setup to a commercial solution? Here are a few considerations to keep in mind.



With email being the backbone of business communications, having a reliable messaging solution can make the difference in terms of maintaining productivity and even continuity. Spam and virus protection, back-up and archiving, shared calendars, contacts and tasks, support for various web and desktop email clients, mobile access - these are just some of the requirements that mail servers should meet besides sending and receiving email messages. Designing and using your own email system made of several open source components could save you some money (great money, in some cases), but it could also prove to be quite draining. Not only that it usually takes a significant amount of time and knowledge to research, integrate, test and support the various components into a custom, fully-functional messaging solution, but maintaining it is far more laborious than imagined.

An easy way out is always proprietary software. One may say that it's too traditional, that users have no choice but to use the software "as is", or that it’s too expensive. What if it's free and quite flexible? If we have caught your interest, then you might have a look at the Axigen Free Mail Server. It is a turnkey messaging solution with 20 free email users and 10 calendaring users - just about enough to get you started. Focused on innovation in order to differentiate itself in the market, this all-in-one solution offers a clear roadmap evolution to guarantee the inclusion of new features and keeping you in control as your business evolves. All in all, it's a great alternative to Open Source.

Nevertheless, there are no true winners or losers - just different solutions. After analyzing the specific messaging needs of your business, you'll only have to consider where to shift your budget focus: on in-house configuration and development, integrating third-party applications, or licensing, support and maintenance etc.

Here are a few points to consider when making your decision:


Free Open Source Mail Server


Axigen Free Mail Server


The basic idea behind Open Source is that it is freely available. You have the freedom to run the program for any purpose, to modify it and to redistribute copies of either the original or the modified program (without having to pay royalties to previous developers).

It's also free!
You just have to spend 5 minutes to register your license in order to benefit from integrated mail services for 20 users (including WebMail access from PCs / mobile phones, and 10 calendaring users), unlimited domains, advanced security and effortless administration, totally free of charge.


Very few open source software applications adjust well with Windows, hence lots of effort is put into integrating an open source mail server and its complementary applications.
However, if you are using Linux, compatibility is not an issue, and there are several open source candidates for enterprise deployment.

Axigen allows you to switch platforms freely, without additional costs - the solution is available on both Windows and Linux OS (64-bit), and supports integration with various third-party applications (e.g. billing, CRM, AntiSpam). It also keeps you worry-free by compliance with major international standards and data retention regulations.


Too little, too late
Some open source software applications may lack a consistent look and feel, since they depend on various developers' preferences and are not specifically designed by keeping the end user in mind.
From the administrator's point of view it gets even harder, since complete documentation for open source applications usually lacks.

User-centric look and feel
Technology shouldn't get in the way - that is why the Axigen Free Mail Server is adapted to work the way you do, bringing an extensive set of usability features for both users and system administrators.
Moreover, the mail server installation is quick and easy - taking only 10-15 minutes of your time, configuration is a breeze and maintenance is simple and straightforward.

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