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[17][26] He was part of the younger generation of Mexican drug traffickers that enjoy displaying their luxurious lifestyle online. On March 3, 2020, he was released and placed on house arrest. May she rest in peace. [38], On 2 January 2014, he appeared before a judge, who spoke about his situation and the motives behind his arrest. Serafin Zambada Ortiz, born in San Diego, pleaded guilty to a drug distribution conspiracy and was sentenced last year to 5 years in prison. Eso les pasa por andar enseando lo que tienen y fotos de ustedes. He needed to support his new wife and daughter. She looks like yet another Mexican caricature of how they think legitimate wealthy and worldly individuals dress, act, and carry themselves. Chino was gun battled for 4 days back to back, they say he whacked 20-30 men by him self after the night before they had sent 50 trucks of dudes to finish him. Damn you people love to speculate and make up these little scenarios in your head if you don't know anything don't speak about it. Listing review by Chino Antrax. On May 9, his probation officer reported him as missing. She is lucky that she was alone and not with her kids because narcos are assholes who don't care who they kill. I figured they'd rape and torture her for weeks. I have no idea how traditional Mexican music has not taken the world by storm, so easy on the ears. Wat dnt these cds wannabees understand?let me. El 3 de marzo de 2020, Archiga Gamboa fue liberado bajo supervisin, segn documentos del tribunal. Defeated, he turned his attention to an architecture degree, but he dropped out after three years. Now Chino has a bigger reason to rat out all of them. He dropped out after AB's leadership starting targeting family members of snitches. Y arriba Sinaloa! After serving 110 days of his original sentence, he was given an additional 18 months in prison, in September 2021. Arechigas arrest was part of a massive two-year investigation into the leadership of the Sinaloa cartel, headed by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. But the cartel was next door. This brood was probably killed as revennge for something chino probably did!! Yuriana Castillo Torres romantic partner, Rodrigo Archiga, was one of Ismael El Mayo Zambadas trusted men, he was in charge of Los ntrax, one of the armed arms of the Sinaloa cartel. Jess Pea (alias "El 20") is believed to be a close associate of the drug lord;[5][7] others include a man known as Melesio (alias "El Mele"); "El Traka ntrax", identified by authorities as the gang's recruiter; Eusebio Imperial or Eliseo Castro (alias "El Cheyo ntrax"), a supposed nephew of "El Mayo" Zambada;[7][14] a man known as "El Monkey"; and "El Changuito", the former alleged financial head of Los ntrax, both arrested on 16 April 2012. But the settlement with Frankie Greer does not resolve a broader dispute over the release of internal sheriffs records. May she rest in peace! !..I wonder where half of these guys got their Narco degree fromcause they speak on shit like theyre involved in the game.. SMH..chinguen a su madre si no les gusto mi comentario.. Lol that's what I'm saying as I read all this bullshit. Her kids will grow up without a mother because of her choices she bright this upon herself. Do what you can. ?he keeps talking they keep killing his fam till they are all gone!!!! [Las interrogantes en la muerte del 'Chino ntrax', el temido sicario del Crtel de Sinaloa] Ochoa Flix took over the hit man cell, what created her the fame of being the most feared woman in Sinaloa. Authorities said he rose through the ranks as a bodyguard in the enforcement cell named after the deadly disease. Music Gift For Wife | Wooden Box | Music Gift 5 out of 5 stars (273) Add to Favorites $ 4.87. ..something a lot of u guys don't knw nothing aboutRip yuri, That really sucks losing someone you love and in jail she should left the country and came to cali. This fire lasted until dawn and when they ran out of ammo they surrendered and were taken hostage by armed men. No traces of firearms were found. Yuriana was the girlfriend of Chino Antrax, who is incarcerated in the Netherlands. Condolences to your family. The fourth son, Vicente Zambada Niebla, struck a plea deal in Chicago following a 2009 arrest in Mexico. Snitch-bitches (low level criminal brown-nosing sycophants) are the dumbest of the dumb and never understand this and are usually the first to go, if they envolved. Jos Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa, alias "El Chino Antrax" -- once the head of the Sinaloa Cartel's hit squad Los Antrax -- was found dead inside an abandoned vehicle on a dirt road east of Culiacn on May 16, local news outlet El Sol de Sinaloa reported. However, Antrax deceived the probation officer and got away in May. [1][2][3] Archiga Gamboa began to work for the Sinaloa Cartel as a bodyguard of Vicente Zambada Niebla (alias "El Vicentillo"), son of Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, until 2008. Ultima foto del chino antrax. The investigation also included the testimony of arrested smugglers, seized drugs and money, and photographs that inculpate them. Circulan fotografas de Jos Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa, alias el Chino ntrax, en la plancha donde la practicaron la autopsia, luego de que el sbado 16 de mayo fue encontrado muerto dentro de una camioneta que perteneca a su hermana Ada Archiga Gamboa, y quien tambin fue asesinada por los sicarios que los levantaron en su casa ubicada en Culiacn, la [] My question is, why they get killed? Not to mention people are saying chino anthrax is responsible for a split in the sinaloa cartel. Jos Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa (15 June 1980 15 May 2020), commonly referred to by his alias "El Chino ntrax", was a Mexican drug lord, a professional hitman, and a high-ranking member of the Sinaloa Cartel, a criminal organization based in Sinaloa. I really can't stand these types of women who hang around the 'badboy' narco's thinking their life will be nothing but money and glamor. .I will pray for you and your familygod rest her soul. Tenia marcas de quemada y como k le dieron con un bate. Todos los pesados que cuentan son de Sinaloa! Chino had her killed for that! Hopefully the feminazis are very delighted too. Better them than me is the only rule it seems. Not sure if Zambada will face charges in the netherlands and if chino anthrax is really givung info on a very tight lid that has just opened up for everyone this brings a new chapter to how chapo got arrested and also sinaloas new plan and who the #1 capo really is. Yuriana Castillo Torres was a Model and the partner of Jos Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa. He was extradited to the US on July 10, 2014. He had been living undercover, using the name of a dead Mexican man, altering his features with plastic surgery and trying to remove his fingerprints, U.S. prosecutors said. He got his own mention in narcocorridos Mexican folk songs glorifying the drug world with El Chino Antrax described as an elegant and fit man with a taste for sports cars, yachts and Champagne. 2500 in mass graves in Coahuila , 500 in mass graves in the San Fernando massacre while people live in denial. According to one of the case's attorneys, a group of women who were supposedly family members of Archiga Gamboa sat in one of the middle rows of the courtroom. THE LEGEND EL CHINO ANTRAX WHEN HE DRESSED UP AS CLOWN TO TAKE OUT francisco rafael arellano felix from tijuana cartel. When he was busted in Amsterdam in 2013, he was using a fake passport and had significant plastic surgery as well as attempts to alter his fingerprints, prosecutors said at the time. Yuriana Castillo Torres corpse was discovered at 06:45 the next day by Mexican law enforcement at a vacant lot in Lomas de Guadalupe neighborhood in Culiacn, and confirmed to be hers by her family members at the forensic installations. May 8, 2014 at 11:55 PM Here is proof that straight up fantasists and pure idiots make things up?Where do you people come from with this made up shit? They grew to be best friends, his attorney wrote. Will they clean out the singers also,like Commander,Gerardo Ortiz,and all those shitty singers.I don't wish anything bad on them,but damn,can they make them stop singing,can't stand it anymore!! She got what she deserved. .Great work Madame Chivis and I am hoping you are healthy and doing well . U.S. marshals were posted around the room and in hallways. El Chino ntraxs romantic partner Yuriana Castillo Torres was reportedly kidnapped by armed men while heading to her vehicle after leaving a gym in Culiacn, Sinaloa on 6 May 2014. La era nueva empieza. One of them has been arrested in Mexico and is awaiting extradition. No tena ningun balazo la morra. What kind of fokkers build shrines in a cemetery devoted to lowlife killers? "What a fuckin tough guy you are,talkin shit to a girl you dont know about a victim you dont know.You silly fucker,we all got females we love,and i dont want to see none of them get treated like this.So fuckin what she was with him,did she deserve to die for that you fuckin clown.I really dont believe the pricks that come on here.Girls get killed for who they sleep with?Imagine if us dudes got killed for who we slept with?There be no dudes left.. His father held several positions in Sinaloa government, including commissioner of communal lands, treasurer of state highways and a congressional representative, according to a letter filed to the court by Arechigas mother. En su juventud, ascendi en la jerarqua del cartel hasta llegar eventualmente a dirigir el brutal escuadrn de sicarios ntrax. In 2012, the internal struggles between groups that operated for the cartel intensified and the casualties for the hitmen were increasing. It is the only Swiss label to have made it to the wrists of two generations of the world's most notorious drug lords, from Pablo Escobar to the Guzmns. old looking girlfriend Belly Banderas! Go do the world a favor and jump off a bridge. what husband chinos married this was just one of his girl on a side I heard that's what happened to her for messing with a married man. [7][12] Local media outlets alleged that the killings stemmed from an internal power struggle within the Sinaloa Cartel, specifically from a group commanded by "El Chapo" Guzmn. The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Bachelor Sister Wives 90 Day Fiance Wife Swap The Amazing Race Australia Married at First Sight The Real Housewives of Dallas My 600-lb Life Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He was one of the leaders and the founder of Los ntrax, an armed enforcement group that protected Sinaloa cartel leader Ismael "El Mayo . . What was the reason? All of you "real men" defending the poor dead woman are completely missing the point, maybe because the other side is being so vitriolic about it. He was shot dead and wrapped in cloth, his head was covered with a black plastic bag. NO!! After being in custody in the United States for six years, Yuriana Castillo Torres partner Archeiga was sentenced to seven years and three months in US federal prison. Fuck cds hope they keep bleeding they should not stop until they're all exterminated there in snitchaloa. It was later reported that his murder was likely ordered by senior leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel. About Us; Staff; Camps; Scuba. There's no hope for the kids, either. "El Chino Antrax" aka Jos Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa worked for El Mayo Zambada as a member, and or a while, the head Sicaro of "Los Antrax", the largest para-. In the attack, Los ntrax lost one of its members, Alfredo Vizcarra Vega (alias "El Fello ntrax"), son of a Sinaloa police commander. "From her husband Rodrigo", "From( her mother), Norma Torres" "From her children" "From all the, She will be buried at Jardines del Humaya. were some of the offerings sent for the mother of El Chino Antrax' child. El Chapo hitman Chino ntrax tortured, executed with sister, brother-in-law just days after fleeing to Mexico. A crime scene photograph shows a male body lying on the back of a BMW X-5 that was registered to Ada Jimena Arechiga Gamboa, the sister of Jos Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa, 'El Chino Antrax' - a . hmmmmmm makes u wonder but that is whats been going around lately. its called self preservation.all part of the game. She was trying to live in a world where people are killed everyday. So I left. Most people don't because of common morality and a deep desire to avoid a grisly death for themselves and for their loved ones. Yuriana Castillo Torres died on May 6, 2014 in Culiacn, Sinaloa. I wonder if we will ever know why she was killed? . I know I will never end up like that. Yuriana Castillo Torres was a Model and the partner of Jos Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa. Mark Montalbn: Who is Ricardo Montalbns son. [17] On his Facebook, Twitter (@comandante57_) and Instagram (miauuuu5_7 and jamesbond5_7) accounts, Archiga Gamboa uploaded pictures and videos of his ostentatious lifestyle, which included trips to Europe, Las Vegas (where he attended the Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios fight), Japan, and parts of Africa and the Middle East. The next day police in the town of Ayune, Sinaloa, discovered a black SUV with 3 dead bodies inside - one of the bodies was later identified as Jos Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa. It could also be a warning to Chino ntrax to keep his mouth shut. she was killed because ivan guzman was also fucking her. May 8, 2014 at 9:46 PM "We're free to comment as we like on herePissed off cause your slut sister got what she deserved? El Chino ntraxs Partner, Yuriana Castillo Torres, who was a well-known celebrity in the buchona show business, run out of luck. In reality the USA is bound by law and evidentiary rules. She was 23 years old of American Nationality and also a very dedicated model. chino_.antrax. something tells me she wasn't a good mother Y Hermana enojada, sigue tu!! There ain't no honor in the drug business. We bring to you daily trends in Ghana and all around the world. They know from the outset that their boyfriends/husbands are murderers, and they couldn't care less, because they're going to drive nice cares, live in nice houses and have expensive clothes and jewelry. CDS ain't going to disapear , the structure is like a business CEO's get replaced all the time and the company still keeps going . By all appearances, Arechiga comes from a close-knit, respected family. Los lujos de los narcos que 'cayeron' en 2014. After being sentenced to house arrest, he was reported missing on May 9, 2020. The Sinaloa Attorney General's Office has identified the body as that of Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa, a reputed drug trafficker and hitman who skipped probation in San Diego . Tragedy has struck in Nigeria and their are protests in Hollywood and all over the place. 20 ago David Westerfield was convicted of kidnapping and murdering 7-year-old Danielle van Dam whose family lived two doors away in Sabre Springs. [60], There are several narcocorridos (drug ballads) that narrate some of the exploits of Archiga Gamboa and his assassin squad Los ntrax. Chapo been locked up before he a real mobster he dident snitch when his son got locked up the same he dident snitch straight real mafiosos. .And apparently Chino is in the U.S. already. Un camarada que trabaja en el forense me alcanzo a decir que la morra tenia desfigurado el culo no se si por las operaciones o el dano desecho. Jos Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa (15 June 1980 - 15 May 2020), commonly referred to by his alias "El Chino ntrax", was a Mexican drug lord, a professional hitman, and a high-ranking member of the Sinaloa Cartel, a criminal organization based in Sinaloa.. September 20, 2019 8:09am. They learned that Archiga Gamboa liked to travel across the world; his ring also helped them identify him when he landed in the Netherlands from Mexico on 31 December 2013 and was arrested. His wife's name is Mireya, I'm sure this was a "warning" before he starts running his mouth. With 6 watches, Rolex ranks before Hublot in terms of appearances, but their total value is well below, at only 118 750 euros. Was this the mother of his child or just girlfriend??? Telemundo News. You destroy families and murder innocent people, and the you cry about it when it happens to your familyshut the fuck up and live with it like everyone else has to. Gamboa whom prosecutors previously described as one of the highest-ranking Sinaloa Cartel kingpins ever prosecuted in the United States has a record of taking extreme steps to evade capture. It soon became evident the drugs were being supplied by the Sinaloa cartel, and the case ballooned, spreading across many states and countries. Don't know if this is true or you just have a good imagination.But anyways,what did this have to do with the girl?Its doudtful that they would kill her(and the way she was killed)because he did all this.And if she wasn't main girl.Wouldn't they go after his wife and kids to really make him suffer.just my thoughts.But of you really know something about something,let us know,anonymously of course.peace!! [49][50] On that date, however, the hearing was postponed to 6 March 2015 after his attorney asked in court for more time to evaluate the evidence against his client. The week of Easter Sunday yuri and group of friends were partying it up at emerald bay en Mazatlan with Ivan guzman. Chino and some of Los Anthrax's associates were being taken out by El Chapo a month before his arrest. The Sinaloa state prosecutors office identified him as Jos Rodrigo A, providing only his last initial, as Mexican law dictates. EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) Forensic experts from the Mexican Attorney General's Office are in Culiacan to verify the identity of a murder victim found Saturday along with two others inside an abandoned SUV.. He is big (6'4"), tough and highly intelligent. He was one of the leaders and the founder of Los ntrax, an armed enforcement group that protected Sinaloa cartel leader Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada and his sons. Those present in the courtroom had to pass a secondary metal detector and pat-down before entering the hearing site. We've received your submission. Hem; Artiklar; Nummer. the worst thing you can do is to become envolved in the drug trade sooner or later you will pay i did my time everyone that was involved has now been arrested some are gone forever and for what most of us were legit guys and we never turned anyone in but its always the same story its your friends out of envy that turn on you i never killed and if i had the chance to kill the guys that did me wrong i wouldnt do it life takes care of traitors on its own as for me im out clean at least for now but im always looking over my shoulder or watching whos following me through the rear view mirror i dont think i can ever live a normal life anymore even if i was never involved with cartel people directly but i knew alot of the big fish at the time from 2003 to 2009 we worked alone until all this war bull shit started in the big state around 2008 and they started pushing us to pick sides either way it didn't matter what side we went to we all knew we were dead men wish i could turn back the hands of time the day i go at least i can tell God i have no blood on my hands but i know i had a role in destroying life's and family's no one thinks about that when your at the top you just dont care @3:22 haggar the horrible, i think you have been hanging for too long with the vikings, and now you want all the dick for yourself, maybe some fishnets and high heels on main street would ease your misogynia. Following the separation of the Sinaloa organization and the Beltrn Leyva Cartel that year, he went on to form Los ntrax, an armed squadron of the Sinaloa Cartel for providing armed security services to "El Mayo" Zambada. Yeah these ppl dont really give a fuk.capos with a rep cant stand for a women to go around spending there money on other men plus she was getting old and default. Thanks for contacting us. [37] U.S. law enforcement managed to identify Archiga Gamboa through unspecified forensic methods despite the fact that the drug lord had used a fake name to travel, undergone plastic surgery to change his appearance, and altered his finger prints. [55], On the night of May 14, 2020, Archiga Gamboa, his sister, and her husband were in the house when they were visited by a Sinaloa Cartel hit squad, which resulted in a fierce firefight with Chino firing back with automatic assault rifle. Start where you are. According to officials, Archiga Gamboa traveled with the fake name of Norberto Sicairos Garca; at the time of his arrest, he was carrying an iPhone 5, a Blackberry Bold, three airplane tickets, credit cards from Visa and MasterCard from Banamex, and a Mexican drivers license. You can white knight for her all you want, but she obviously didn't give a shit about all the people he murdered and all the families he ruined. Marshal Service. [39][40] They did not contact Mexican officials. ! Yuriana Castillo Torres's Ex-partner Gamboa commonly referred to by his alias "El Chino ntrax", was a Mexican drug lord, a professional hitman, and a high-ranking member of the Sinaloa Cartel, a criminal organization based in Sinaloa.. She was a celebrity in the so-called world of "buchona show . #5 It is believe she took over the Antrax after El Chino Antrax was arrested. And just take up space on radio stations. Something about the Sinaloa Cartel, they dont kill children they go ahead and kill any other of your loved ones but never children. The next day police in the town of Ayune, Sinaloa, discovered a black SUV with 3 dead bodies inside one of the bodies was later identified as Jos Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa. Chino Antrax Jan 26, 2023 . Tenia marcas de quemada y como k le dieron con un bate. [32][A 1] Initially, the authorities did not give any details on the identity of the detainee, but an anonymous U.S. federal agent and Mexican local newspapers leaked information to the media that the man was in fact Archiga Gamboa. El Chapo, the longtime head of the sprawling Sinaloa drug cartel, is currently serving life plus 30 years in a supermax prison in Colorado. When the beauty influencer known as Jenny69 debuted her first single on YouTube at the end of September, it immediately went viral though probably not for the reasons she'd hoped. Anonymous May 20, 2014 at 7:19 PM. The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Bachelor Sister Wives 90 Day Fiance Wife Swap The Amazing Race Australia Married at First Sight The Real Housewives of Dallas My 600-lb Life Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. According to the court archives, the DEA has under its possession documents that prove that Archiga Gamboa participated in at least fifty drug trafficking shipments between Mexico and the United States. As per Sandiego Union-Tribune, they even had a beautiful daughter. The man known as "El Chino Antrax" was arrested in 2013 at Amsterdam Airport at the request of the United States, . One minute we're looking at a posed picture of a baby on piles of cash, then they're a toddler holding an AK, then they're a teen in a car none of us could ever afford, driving the streets of Europe. Replies. Sad she died and all but maybe if she would had hung around with decent men she might had lived a lot longer. Maybe chino did this!, she was probably fucking around with other men enjoying chinos money! 2023 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, who vanished from federal parole supervision, EasyJet cyber attack exposes personal info of millions, Canadian teacher with size-Z prosthetic breasts placed on paid leave, What's next for Buster Murdaugh after dad's murder conviction, life sentence, Buster Murdaugh got 'very drunk' with dad 2 months after mom, brother murdered: source, Tom Sandoval, Raquel Leviss planned to confess affair to Ariana before getting caught, Prince Harry says hes not a victim: I never looked for sympathy, Allison Holker pens touching note to kids after Stephen tWitch Boss death, Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant allegedly flashes gun at a strip club, Tom Sizemore And The Dangerous Burden of Desperation, Kellyanne Conway and George Conway to divorce. That's the thing with you white knights: you think you hold some kind of moral ground when in fact it's the complete opposite. Las cosas cambian. I highly doubt she was a mother to them at all. Karma doesn't forget. Actually thats what I really think, CAF isn't in control but isn't dead either. Rolex is among the most powerful brands in the world. Yes we're all super jealous of your murdering, kidnapping family that ruins innocent lives every day. [56], His romantic partner Yuriana Castillo Torres was reportedly kidnapped by armed men while heading to her vehicle after leaving a gym in Culiacn, Sinaloa on 6 May 2014. She was a committed 23-year-old American citizen and model. Jos Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa, often referred to by his alias 'El Chino ntrax', was born in Culiacn, Sinaloa, Mexico on 15 June 1980. I would like to be able to work honestly.. El ruso had helped him get from tj to cln. -El Nemesis. Its payback for what chino did to the arellano brother. I read somewhere that el chino antrax is a snitch on his pose in san diego of 10 ppl. Well that ended badly..im sure she started running her mouth how shes gonna cut a deal for some cash because I bet they started gojng broke real quick.. [21], His most common alias was Chino Anthrax, but the drug lord was also known as El Comandante ntrax ("Commander Anthrax"), R-57, El Oriental ("The Oriental"), El Quinto Elemento ("The Fifth Element"), Scarface Renacido ("Reborn Scarface"), among others. Very, very few - capos, flunkys or lords - will get out alive and ALL will "snitch" sometime along the way. El . [14], He also uploaded pictures of his sport cars, yachts, weapons, jewelry, money, and extravagant parties with famous narcocorrido bands. Claudia Ochoa Felix, known as the Empress of Los Antrax. The settlements come after a 2020 audit found the city could significantly reduce the nearly $25 million a year it spends on lawsuit payouts with better employee training and deeper analyses of risks. ./\__/\ (=';'=) (")_("), Lmao just to let you know you didn't want to make it look like she had money tf am her sister I should know more and to all those talking shyt quit it thus ain't your business so just leave and stay off this page and my sister dose have a daughter of chino antrax so what they were married. He also held a prominent position in the Sinaloa Gang. En el 2008, tras la captura de Vicente Zambada Niebla . [34][36] The arrest of the drug lord was officially confirmed later that day by the U.S. http://riodoce.mx/narcotrafico-2/despiden-los-antrax-yuriana-castillo, http://www.latintimes.com/el-chapo-guzman-news-new-yorker-magazine-reveals-el-chino-antrax-was-key-sinaloa-cartel-171824.